Do I need a reservation?

Making a reservation is very helpful to us. It ensures availability and allows us to plan for fuel. Every 100 hours on engine,the aircraft goes in for FAA inspection. This is usually 2-3 days we are unavailable. A few times a season, we may have to reschedule flights to accommodate these inspections. When making reservations,we just pencil you in and payment is due at flight time. We book on the hour 10am through hour before sunset May through end of October depending on weather.

Do I need to come early?

It is not necessary to come earlier than 5-10 minutes before the hour you booked, but if you are running late or need to cancel, we appreciate a call. We do our best to stay on schedule. We meet and greet, offer a photo op with your camera or phone, and there is a short safety brief before the flight.

What about bad weather?

Safety is always first! Unfortunately, we have to cancel for low visibility, high winds, thunderstorms and heavy rain. We try to let passengers know if flights are bumpy and we are flexible with rescheduling. Most passengers prefer a perfect blue sky day, but low overcast or light drizzle is often a smoother flight and colors are more alive for photography.

What is the best time to fly?

Mornings and evenings are generally the smoothest air and quietest on the lake. 1 - 2 hours before sunset are considered "golden hours" and beautiful for photography. The low light on the mountains is beautiful. All seats have windows.

Can you pick me up for a tour from my dock?

We do offer private tours from your dock or beach. Please call ahead to allow us some planning time. Our business phone is on until 9pm during the season.There are some small lakes and areas restricted to wakeboarding and jet skis and we try to be good neighbors and respect those areas. Some ponds and inlets are too small for us to get in and out comfortably/safely depending and how many passengers and other conditions. We do have weight restrictions, so some cases require you to come to us. We book mornings and evenings away from our dock when winds are quiet. We have a 40 foot wing span about 7 feet off the water, so we require no wind or a light breeze when coming to your dock. Beaches are easier and preferred. We cannot pick up at public beaches,docks,marinas,or ramps. Association beaches are permitted with prior permission. Rates for "away tours" on Winnipesaukee are posted on website. Other lakes rates will vary depending on distance away.

What should I bring?

We are casual and want you to be comfortable. We do not have air conditioning, but we have several air vents and generally the air is cooler aloft. In the Fall, we do have heat if needed. Make sure you bring a camera or phone. You can get great selfies in flight! We do not have restroom facilities at the dock.

Hope this information is helpful and we'd love to see you!
We have a lot of fun and have many repeat customers.
It's a great way to see the lake!

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